We know the world of CBD can be confusing. That’s why we make our products as simple as a cup of coffee — just like your morning “pick me up,” they’re designed to be an intuitive part of daily living. While our entire product lineup offers a natural alternative to everyday pain and stress management, each is specially formulated to help you feel great in a different way. This is CBD, made simple: which SAFI product makes sense for you, today?

For Overall Well-Being: Daily Wellness Tincture

Designed to promote overall balance, calm, and well-being, our Daily Wellness Tincture helps reduce discomfort, anxiety, and the effects of mental, emotional, and physical stress, while supporting clarity, focus, and productivity. Whether you’re just beginning to toe-dip into the world of CBD and want something gentle, or you’re missing a mind-body connection in your daily routine, our Tincture helps you feel your best without a trace of THC. Just a dropper under your tongue can work magic.

For Your Skin: Daily Soothing Moisturizer

There’s no excuse not to punch up your skincare ritual: our Daily Soothing Moisturizer does everything a moisturizer should do, with the added benefit of pure CBD. And, while the avocado oil, aloe vera, and cacao seed butter enriched formula does wonders on chapped, peeling, and irritated skin, the Moisturizer is also gentle enough for daily use. Trust us: your skin is going to soak it up and then ask for extra.

For Inflammation and Soreness: Pain Melting Balm

We all experience inflammation, muscle pain, and soreness from time to time — and some of us also deal with chronic pain. The CBD isolate in our Pain Melting Balm helps to soothe these exact kinds of discomfort. The addition of eucalyptus oil for muscles, camphor for redness, and lavender for the senses mean this is an easy go-to for pain management. In moments of soreness and hurt, the balm sinks into your skin and nourishes you.

For a Fast Fix: Intense Relief Cream

Sometimes you’re looking to take away pain and re-find your comfort as quickly as possible. Our Intense Relief Cream is fast-absorbing; pure CBD soothes inflammation, muscle aches, and soreness in no time at all. Rice bran oil contains vitamin E, which helps to salve skin and wound recovery, while rosemary leaf offers anti-microbial properties. This cream is a lifesaver in the moments when you want to go deep and heal fast.

Which SAFI product will you try first?