At SAFI, we know there’s not one universally life-changing morning routine that can magically transform a day from standard to extraordinary. But we also know that a thoughtfully crafted and personalized ritual can be as uplifting and energizing as it is grounding. Wellness looks different for everyone. But often it’s the simple things that matter most — the things we can learn from one another. Here are some of team SAFI’s favorite morning rituals.

Kay Kazmi – Creative Brand Developer

The first thing I do every day is stretch for 10 to 15 minutes right when I wake up. It’s an almost meditative time — but, for me, also a necessity for managing backaches. I make it enjoyable and will listen to music and really be present with what I’m feeling and doing with my body. Then, I’ll dive into my day — brushing my teeth, washing my face, and getting ready. I use a toner with rose water and lavender to soothe and calm my skin. It’s also refreshing and helps me feel awake since I am not an early riser. I then moisturize my face, hands and body with the SAFI Daily Soothing Moisturizer. For breakfast, I keep things pretty simple with eggs and a banana, but I’ll supplement with probiotics, vitamins, and the SAFI Daily Wellness Tincture — hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. It’s amazing how clear and focused I feel by the time I get to work.

Sydney Swords – Project Manager

I’m all about using my morning to manifest a good mood. I’ll put on a face mask, listen to music in the shower, watch makeup vlogs, and really take my time picking out an outfit. I use SAFI’s Daily Soothing Moisturizer on my face and will apply our Intense Relief Cream to sore muscles — the cooling feeling really helps to wake me up. Breakfast is wheat toast with peanut butter and banana — if you’ve never tried this combo, then you are seriously missing out. Before I head out the door, I’ll feed my two rabbits, Dolphin and Orca, and say goodbye to their cute little faces. I’m a big believer that you make your own great days — by the time I’m on the way to work, I feel ready to take on anything.

Tori Church – Lead Graphic Designer

Early morning is my favorite time of the day: I go a little slower and savor the moment. That starts with cuddling my poodle, Finley. When I get up, he stays in bed and naps — lucky him! But, even if I don’t get to sleep in, I take a lot of pleasure in getting ready; the days are always rushed, so it feels good to take my time. I really care about fragrance and SAFI’s Daily Soothing Moisturizer’s natural scent smells incredible. I start there, and then have a lot of fun playing around with makeup. It gets my creative juices flowing — a necessity as an artist and designer. Breakfast is usually coffee, a probiotic kefir, and overnight oats. And I could eat blueberries all day, everyday — they’re a natural sweetener and are high in nutrients — so I’ll add them in wherever I can. By the time I head to work, I feel refreshed and ready.

What’s your morning ritual?